There is no one solution for improved performance that will fit today’s business environment. However for each business there is a process to support change or development, either just a tweak or a wholesale renewal, to achieve success.

I am pleased to introduce The OCP Group a boutique performance management consulting group with the goal of helping individuals and organizations improve their performance and establish a base for success.

Ocean Pond, Newfoundland

Ocean Pond, Newfoundland

Most recently after almost three decades of servicing the general public through municipal government and sport while connecting with the corporate community I found myself in my own transition. During this period I reviewed what is my own skill set, my own measurement of success and some of the barriers that I may have faced along the way. While I have been fortunate to work with many amazing people and have had a wide degree of experiences, the one common theme that kept arising, was my experience relating to organizational change. As one of my colleagues put it –‘you have the ability to get organizations on track and moving forward.’ With those words of advice and encouragement I am moving into the world of private entrepreneurship to help organizations and individuals achieve both personal and organizational success. This is the passion which I brought to each one of my own leadership positions while helping my colleagues in their own personal development and establishing a vision for organizational success.

As I explored the concept of The OCP Group many people asked what is the meaning of ‘OCP’?  In reality it doesn’t mean anything but it does provide a destination.  As part of a family with extensive travel schedules it was convenient to speak in airport code as to where we were, for example YYT, YYZ, YVR, ALK, or MEL. With our cottage in Newfoundland it became a quick way to identify our location with our own fictional airport code OCP, for Ocean Pond. While it is a fictional code every organization must have and keep the destination always in focus. This is critical into today’s ultra-competitive environment where the objective must remain consistent and the strategic direction to reach the goal must be clear. The OCP Group has the expertise to assist organizations in the achievement of operational and organizational effectiveness through a series of tested processes using the concept of life-cycle management. The premise is that for each organization, program, or service there will always be a point in time when an audit or review must take place to ensure long term sustainability of the service or its renewal or its final conclusion. This is a continuous process hence the infinity logo as a symbol of the thought process for The OCP Group. Every program or service has a shelf life and requires consistent monitoring to maintain a place within an innovate marketplace. Relying on the status quo may result in loss of market share or a missed opportunity for innovation, both equally distracting to organizational success and efficiency.

There is no prescription to success but there are a number of steps that will enable an organization to identify the processes needed to improve organizational health while enabling an organization to build capacity to achieve success. It is well proven that organizations with an internal infrastructure which supports loyalty combined with a strong staff/customer service strategy will achieve higher levels of success in targeted performance measurements