Performance Management Experience

Corporate Partner Relationship – Successfully lead corporate/community development projects that have linked corporate partners and organizations with their target marketplace thereby enhancing the collective brands.

Operational Management – Managed the development of a new strategic direction initiative engaging some 2000 individuals for one of the leading organizations in Canada which established annual performance targets, budget management systems and assisted in the preparation of annual operational strategies based upon input from the membership.

Organizational Management – Lead the transition of a number of organizations which entailed creating a new platform within the marketplace. This has included major transformations inclusive of the development of new governance structure, new budget process, new operations structure all leading to the establishment of a sustainable organization.

Project Management – Managed the negotiation, production, sponsorship development, and numerous international and national sport events. Worked with organizations regarding government relations, implementation of standard based performance criteria and the launching of a myriad of one time projects.

Program Management – Lead the re-structuring of service related programs for national and provincial organizations establishing long-term service platforms and priorities. Have assisted an international confederation to improve individual performance through a re-designed evaluation and feedback system.

Social Media – Developed and executed strategic social media plans.  As well, developed a series of ‘apps’ which are educational and informational tools for referees to increase their enjoyment of being a referee, for players and coaches to improve their understanding of the rules and for parents and spectators to enhance their understanding of the application and implementation of the rules.