At some point each person in a position of leadership must ask themselves – When is it time to review service with the option of renewal or simply to eliminate it? This comes with the territory. Failure to do so could also mean failure of your organization.  For example, in high performance sport where a split second is the difference between winning and losing it is critical to understand at what point of time to transition a team by trading or releasing a player(s) or start the re-build. This situation is a fact of life for General Managers and Coaches and it is a skill to know at what point in time to make these decisions. The thought process what does the team have in its development system, how are their competitors building a team, or can an athlete provide one more year of service with the goal to keep the team on top while maintaining highly competitive talent pool and team chemistry? Invariability for the individual athlete no matter of their personal level of skill will suffer a loss of power, strength and speed. Similarity all programs and services will also invariability experience the same cycle of life consequence. This means decision time. It is a cruel environment for an athlete who has given so much to an organization or their own personal development as now they must become part of the transition/renewal process for the greater good of the team. However, it is survival instinct to keep a team sharp, balanced, focus, and competitive which drives these changes. The quest for success in sport always leads to either tweaking the skill set of a team or entirely rebuilding an entire organization. These decisions impact the team’s fans, customers, sponsors and its organization leaders alike. The same is true within the competitive business sector.

For organizations today it is critical to complete an assessment of services on a regular basis to ensure that your plans and goals are still relevant to your marketplace. Predicting the future is risky business but then again proceeding with caution could mean that you miss an opportunity.  At The OCP Group, we believe it is not only prudent but necessary to review/audit you services on a regular and scheduled basis. Often organizations continue to deliver services because of tradition, organizational comfort or simply due to complacency. With the explosion of customer loyalty programs as a method to attach and retain customers the confrontation for new consumers is a battleground for corporate commandos. The similarity between the high performance sport world, the music business or corporate business is that they are all looking for the next big piece of the puzzle to enable them to survive, keep a customer or build upon their presence within the marketplace. This is why recognizing one’s position in the marketplace is critical and understanding how you may continue to maintain and grow your piece of the pie.

The business landscape is littered with companies who did not make the right adjustment on a timely basis. As previously described there no prescription to success, while often hard work, a bit good luck and having some skill will be a benefit, there is also the need to understand your own organizational capacity combined with your service delivery strategy. Our approach will assist you making your decision somewhat easier as we reflect upon options for renewal and the level of transition/transformation required for improving your success.