Who We Are

The OCP Group is a boutique consulting group with extensive knowledge in community based services and corporate relationships. Our expertise is highlighted by a strong understanding of how to assist and challenge the status quo of organizations by asking the right questions. We will help you to understand your organizational capacity through an assessment of your internal working environment, available skill set, value chain touch points and resources.

About Guy Bradbury

Guy Bradbury is an independent performance management advisor who has made a difference in enabling organizations to achieve success while building sustainable operating systems. He passionately believes that all organizations have the capacity to achieve their expectations, when they are inspired.

Guy brings a strong and unique way of understanding determining the immediate needs of your organization through a series of discussions analyzing your short and long term priorities in relationship to any organizational barriers. These enable him to lead the development of a balanced operational plan for execution, a financial plan for fiscal control and an assessment plan as the ultimate performance management tool.

Guy brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience at the municipal level, leading two influential Ontario based sport organizations, served as a Board member at the international, national and provincial level of sport.

He has been a trusted advisor to numerous of organizations, a mentor to staff, a subject specialist for Board Members and a connector for private industry professionals.

As a graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Waterloo, Guy has established himself as an innovator, mentor, visionary and a trusted leader.